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Prest Realty's Answers to the 12 Questions for Property Managers

  1. How experienced are you in Property Management?
    Answer: Between us (Les and Leslie) we have well over 40 years experience in both sales and property management, and Patrick has also been licensed for several years and is now getting his Associate Broker's license.
  2. How familiar are you with the AZ laws governing rentals (the AZ Landlord and Tenant Act)?
    Answer: We know the AZ Landlord and Tenant Act very well, and we expect everyone to "play by the rules" by following those laws.
  3. How many properties do you manage, and what is your vacancy rate?
    Answer: We manage well over 100 properties, and usually have less than a dozen vacancies at any given time.
  4. How will you advertise my property?
    Answer: Our website www.RentinPayson.com is a major asset, we get calls and emails from it constantly. A flyer listing vacancies is always available outside our office door, we get calls from the our deistinctive signs on properties, and we rent many properties by word-of-mouth from friends, clients, former and present tenants, other RE agents, and acquaintances. We have, regretfully, stopped advertising in our local newspaper, as we just don't the ads there "make the phone ring" anymore.
  5. Do you work with out-of-town prospective tenants who are moving to Payson?
    Answer: Yes, we have our vacancies and our applications on the internet, and we can use email, text, digital pictures, faxes, and mail as needed.
  6. Do you SHOW the property to prospective tenants, or do you just give out addresses and keys?
    Answer: We show the properties, we never hand out keys. Showing allows us to evaluate the prospective tenants, answer questions, and is more secure for the Owner.
  7. Do you charge prospective tenants an application fee or other fees; and if so, do the fees go to your office or to the property Owners?
    Answer: We do not charge propective tenants ANY fees to apply or look at properties with us. We feel that it would discourage tenants. We DO charge a $5 application fee to discourage people who know they are wasting out time.
  8. How do you qualify prospective tenants?
    Answer: We have our own custom application, developed over long experience. We check all information, including (but not limited to) rental history, job history, any legal problems; and we can do a credit check if the Owner wishes.
  9. How much deposit will you be collecting, and will you collect it all BEFORE a tenant moves in?
    Answer: We recommend a deposit of MORE than a month's rent, and that it NOT be a last's month rent. Yes, we collect it before move-in unless the Owner instructs us otherwise. Yes, it DOES discourage some prospective Tenants, but we have found by long experience that the people who can't put up the deposit are likely not going to be able to pay the rent "down the road".
  10. Do you always use a written lease, and is that lease in compliance with the AZ Landlord and Tenant Act?
    Answer: We always use the AZ Association of REALTORS® lease, which is in compliance with AZ laws and has clauses written in for the protection of the Owners.
  11. How will you keep us (the Owners) informed about the rental?
    Answer: We communicate as needed by telephone, text, E-mail, fax or mail. We send out monthly statements from our computer software (along with your check and any invoices paid) which show income and expenses for your property.
  12. How will you handle any problems which might come up?
    Answer: We will go by the "letter of the law" in the AZ Landlord and Tenant Act, and will keep you informed. We have experience in handling whatever may happen.

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