Owning a rental home in Payson, AZ

Not sure what to look for in a Property Manager? Click Here for a list of questions you should ask your property manager.

There are lots of properties for sale on the Payson market, and prices are creeping up in most segments. If you are concerned about the price you will get for your home, renting it may be an option. Payson rentals are still filling fairly quickly IF they are priced right and are in good shape. Rentals are in somewhat short supply right now in Payson.

We handle around 100 residential rentals in the Payson area. We are a family owned and operated company, and we make sure that the property management is handled correctly.

Why should you let us manage your property?

  • We will give friendly, honest, professional, and competent service,

  • We will personally show your property to prospective tenants, (we NEVER just give out a key).

  • We screen prospective tenants carefully, using our own custom application, checking references, and doing background checks. We will call you with the results, and give you the final say.

  • We are fully knowledgable of and in compliance with Arizona Landlord and Tenant Laws,

  • We (Les and Leslie) have well over 40 years combined real estate experience, in both sales and rental management. Patrick also has several years experience.

  • We have experience dealing with any situations which might arise,

  • We will collect rents, have served any notices needed, and deal with evictions up to the actual court appearance (AZ law requires the property owner or a lawyer representing him/her appear in court), however the cheapest, easiest eviction is the one you don't have to do because we screened the tenant and turned them down,

  • We will keep you informed, calling or E-mailing as needed. We can make full use of digital photos, faxes,and all modern technology.

We have extensive rental information on our web site at http://www.PrestRealty.com , including vacancies and rental applications. We get many inquiries every month from out-of-town people who are moving to Payson, and find that our web site is invaluable for dealing with them long distance. We always have a list of vacant properties available outside our office, which are picked up constantly by local people looking for a rental. And many of our current and former tenants, as well as clients, customers, other real estate agents, friends and acquaintances, recommend us to anyone they know who is looking for a rental. Being that Prest Realty is OUR company, we feel that our reputation is our most valuable asset.

Our usual charges for management services are a $250 one-time set-up fee, and 10% of rents collected. Outside of city limits, if we take the property, would be higher. We do NOT take short term rentals (summer, vacation) nor do we take any furnished rentals. We will, from time to time, take on a property which has specials needs or is out of Payson, and the fees may need to be negotiated accordingly. If you have a property you are considering renting call us to discuss it, at (928) 472-7402, or E-mail us here. Let us put our experience to work for you!

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